PC Hollow Fiber Dialyzers P Series
PC Hollow Fiber Dialyzers P Series
PC Hollow Fiber Dialyzers P Series

Intended use: 

This product is used for hemodialysis treatment of acute or chronic renal failure. It forms a circuit with bloodlines to complete the treatment. The product directly contacts with patient's blood during treatment. Blood flows into the hollow fiber membrane, and dialysate flows outside of the membrane, forming osmotic pressure on both sides, resulting in the removal of small molecular toxins from the patient, meanwhile forming a transmembrane pressure to remove extra fluid from the patient.

Intended patient population:

This product is used in patient undergoing hemodialysis treatments. When selecting this product for a treatment, the total extracorporeal blood volume (i.e. in combination with the dialyzer, the bloodline set and any other accessories) shall not exceed 10% of the patient's blood volume.

Intended user / environment:

This product shall be handled by healthcare professionals.

Application of aseptic techniques shall be ensured throughout the entire procedure.

Product Details

PC Hollow Fiber Dialyzers Series  P series

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