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    At Bain Medical, employees are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a comprehensive benefit program that helps employees stay healthy, balance work and life, and give them a sense of security.

    Based on different career planning, we will provide customized, comprehensive and multi-angle training programs which would be executed into every aspect of company system, daily operations and resource security.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Engineer



Air Conditioning Maintenance Engineer 1

Job Description:
1. Daily inspection and preventive maintenance of air-conditioning system (central air-conditioning, water-cooled module unit, water-cooled screw unit and pressurized air cabinet) of the company's clean workshop;
2. Abnormal inspection, check up related reasons, breakdown maintenance,outsourcing maintenance and upkeep of the company's air conditioning system;
3. Sorting air conditioning system asset list, application and management spare parts;
4. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.
1. College degree or above in mechanical and electrical integration or refrigeration and heating;
2. More than 2 years of professional air conditioning unit maintenance and repair work experiences, engaged in large-scale water cooling, air cooling, screw machine and other unit maintenance and repair work, with air conditioning installation or maintenance knowledge;
3. With refrigeration unit maintenance, replacement of filters, replacement of compressors, fluorine system fault determination, control system fault determination and other capabilities;
4. With air conditioning equipment refrigeration and air conditioning work qualification certificate is preferred.

International Registration Specialist



International Registration Specialist 1

Job Description:
1. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of communication platforms of authorities, notified organization, agents, registered agencies, etc., investigate and publicity the requirements of national laws and regulations, implement overseas registration and obtain approval successfully;
2. According to the overseas registration of requirements, cooperate with relevant departments to complete quality system assessments and on-site inspections;
3. Communication and coordination departments of the company;
4. Research and publicity overseas requirements;
5. Emergency handling and other tasks assigned by leader.
1. Bachelor degree or above in medicine, nursing, engineering, foreign languages, etc.;
2. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and fluent communication with foreigners;
3. Experience in overseas registration work is preferred, proficiency in office software, mandarin is standard, strong communication skills; have major project management experience;
4. Rigorous and meticulous, methodic, good at communication and coordination, with good logical ability, can work well under pressure.

Production on-site Supervisor



Production on-site Supervisor 3

Job Description:
1. Arrange production schedule reasonably, personnel deployment and material follow-up according to the production plan;
2. Quality control, safety production and monitor and implementation of 6S;
3. Handling and follow-up workshop abnormal situation;
4. Recruitment, follow-up and training of new employees for vacant positions;
5. Follow-up samples and test patterns;
6. Review report;
7. Participate in department meetings related production;
8. Completion of others arranged by the leader.
1. College degree or above;
2. More than 1 year on-site production mangement working experiences of the factory;
3. Proficiency in the application of ISO9001 and 6S for production site management;
4, Strong affinity and execution, strong practical ability to control the production process.

Laboratory Technician



Laboratory Technician 5

Job Description:

1. In accordance with the quality standards and inspection procedures, properly inspections of microorganisms and incoming materials, complete tasks in time, and fill in inspection records;

2. Analyze and summarize the inspection data and be responsible for the accuracy of the data;

3. Carry out various inspection preparations in accordance with the inspection operation procedures, to ensure that each inspection item is operated under the specified conditions, to ensure the accuracy of the inspection results;

4. Responsible for the correct use, management and maintenance of inspection instruments;

5. Laboratory 6S management;

6. Responsible for the environmental control of the laboratory, record the temperature and humidity.


1. College degree or above in microbiology, chemistry, bioengineering, etc.;

2. Have more than one year of relevant work experience;

3. Have ability to operate the laboratory's various basic instruments, PH meter, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, conductivity meter, etc.;

4. Proficiently use of office software.

Senior Merchandiser



Job Description
1. Maintain customers and negotiate related orders;
2. Follow up the production schedule and arrange shipments;
3. Collect market information regularly, summarize the order status, and propose your constructive opinions;
4. Return visits to overseas customer;
5. Customer/Market development;
6. Formulate quarterly sales targets, monthly plans, and quarterly sales plans in local area based on annual sales targets;
7. Customer management and sales data statistics and analysis.
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Fluent oral English or fluent in Russian/Spanish/Portuguese with three year or above relevant work experience;
3. With team spirit, strong interpersonal skills, acuity and adaptability.

Quality System Engineer



Quality System Engineer 2

Job Description:
1.Formulate audit requirements;
2. Convey and clarify the audit requirements;
3. Effectively plan and perform the assigned duties;
4. Conduct the quality system audit for the supplier effectively, and report the audit results;
5. Verify the effectiveness of the corrective actions;
6. Collect, sorting documents required by work ;
7. Cooperate with other work of the management representative;
8. Maintain the effectiveness of company system documentation.
1. Bachelor degree or above, open to all backgrounds;
2. Familiar with ISO 13485 requirements; have ISO 13485 internal auditor certificate is preferred;
3. Work in the medical industry for more than 3 years;
4. Need to business trips in different places;
5. Have good communication and coordination skills;
6. Proficiently use of office software.

Automation Technician



Automation Technician 10

Job Description:
1. Manage and coordinate the work of each position of the production line;
2. Monitor the operation of each process point in the production line;
3. Monitor the operation of the equipment;
4. Assist in engineer maintenance and repair of the equipment.
1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical integration, etc.;
2, More than 1 year work experiences, machine equipment operation experience is preferred;
3. Strong learning ability, and strong ability to withstand pressure;
4, Two shifts work (four days off per month)

Quality Engineer



Quality Engineer 2

Job Description:

1. Analyze and arrange relevant experiments for customer complaints;
2. Follow-up before the new equipment is put into production;
3. Follow up the changes in product technology;
 4. Participate in product design and process review, to ensure that it meets the requirements of quality.
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. More than 1 year experiences related to on-site quality work;
3. Flexible and responsive ability, with strong persuasion and organizational skills;
4, Practical and diligent, with team spirit.

IT Supervisor



IT Supervisor 1

Job Description:

1. Responsible for routine maintenance and repair of the company's computers;

2. Responsible for the normal operation, maintenance and repair of the company's printer, duplicator and fax machines;

3. Responsible for the normal use of the company's telephone and the telephone line adaptation and number change;

4. Responsible for the distribution and purchase of company computers and printers and corresponding materials;

5. Responsible for the supervision of the company's computers, cameras, projectors and laptops;

6. Responsible for uploading and updating the company documents on website;

7. Responsible for ensuring the normal operation of the company's internal LAN, responsible for adding and setting internal user access rights.

8. Responsible for setting the access rights of the company's internet;

9. Responsible for the increase and deletion of office mailboxes for office staff;

10. Responsible for the maintenance, update and management of the company's fixed assets;

11. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.


1. Major in computer is preferred, college degree or above;

2. Familiar with computer group network management;

3. Familiar with the maintenance and use of the program-controlled switch;

4. Serious work attitude, strict work style, strong team spirit and team prestige;

5, More than 3 years of network management experiences.