Haemodialysis machine
Haemodialysis machine
Haemodialysis machine
Haemodialysis machine

Intended use

Indications: It is suitable for hemodialysis treatment for patients with chronic renal failure clinically.

Intended users:This product shall be handled by healthcare professionals.

Intended patient population: This product is used in patient undergoing hemodialysis treatment.

Operating environment and precautions:It can be used in various medical centers and clinics.

①The intended use of the haemodialysis equipment does not include the intensive care or surgery environment. 

②This haemodialysis equipment is not suitable for a central venous catheter whose tip is in the right atrium

It is not intended to be used for treatment of patients with central venous catheter(s) with atrial location.

It will cause electric shock to patient if the leakage current is exceed the Type CF leakage current limits.

③This product is suitable for the Haemodialysis treatment of CRF patients.

Contraindications:Haemodialysis is no absolute contraindication, but not all patients are suitable for Haemodialysis. The following conditions may be as a relative contraindication:

①Malignant tumors, dementia, cerebrovascular disease patients in life cannot be sustained;

②Chronic liver disease, severe hypotension or shock; Anemia, severe bleeding risk;

③Patients with mental disorder is not the author or family don't agree;

④Serious cardiac complications, such as apparent cardiac hypertrophy with cardiac insufficiency, severe arrhythmia, severe high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;

⑤In patients with end-stage renal disease and appears irreversible complications patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

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